Trends in Biometric Technology 2015


The world today is moving forward with technological advances every day. In this digital age, where the dependence on online business and marketing is growing, the security risks and not a lot for it. In this area of Biometric technologies, a major role in improving the safety, played one step up from the previous protection of a password or personal identification number (PIN) methods.

Biometrics is very useful and better for a number of reasons. It uses technology that explores how the human body – skin features such as DNA, hand-painting, eye-network, and hand measurements, which are processed for authentication. Person is characterized by the pattern of blood vessels under the skin is unique to each person. This process is completely safe, as cloning of human DNA or face painting is a task much harder than hacking passwords. This year various trends of biometrics technology that rise is likely in the coming years was.

Some trends are as follows:

1. Integration of biometrics in a company, money transactions

Online shopping is an important source of income and a familiar trend these days going to the many security threats to keep, as well as credit card fraud. In this case, the biometric plays a very important role, as recently MasterCard charged recognition service launched, where customers can make transactions only with a selfie.

Various shopping portals is a Biometric scanner in your trading process on the part-recognition system, assistance in transactions from one scan a customer’s face.

2. Mobile Biometric System

Mobile phones are an important part of our lives. This year the number of mobile phone users reached almost 6 billion euros. Therefore, the government and private trade together, to accelerate mobile biometrics identification process. This trend is growing, as biometrics cannot be conducted always in an enclosed area. Sometimes, biometric identification systems to go to places where people gather, e.g. sports stadiums, markets or just in crowded places.

A good example of a mobile Biometric system for Iraqi border automated control system. There are at least 100 mobile biometric pass with more than a million registrations. It helps in keeping a check and to protect from the rebels.

3. Cloud Biometric Security

This is from the point of view of mobile biometric systems. Details based on the biometric server, which helps in response to stimulation of the checks associated with the cloud. Cloud saved biometric data to be more secure than locally stored biometric data.

4. Biometric Single-Sign-on (SSO)

Another rising trend is the use of Biometric Single-Sign-on (SSO). Using this system, the individual does not remember the ID and passwords for each account. It helps in speeding up the work, and helps changing the memory issue a lot of passwords.

5. National Security Measures

Biometric system is very convenient for the government, the change in strengthening national security. The main reason for this is that a large number of digital interactions between countries with a very fragile security. The use of biometrics is reduced hack-speed and opens the channel for secure information transfers.

6. Promising Technologies

Biometrics seem to guaranteed improvement in terms of improving safety and increasing speed, the two largest required properties for development. Therefore, to be investing in these technologies, the strength of many private firms and authorities, it seems, especially intelligence agencies such as CIA in USA or R&AW in India.

The voice, pressure and heart rate in addition to the authentication of this uptrend, numerous further events to be tracked, which may include part the future trends.

Institutions handle using frequency estimation, neural networks, and Gaussian mixture models and store Voice prints. This system focuses on the aspect of interpretation is individual and therefore applicable in the field of kidnapping, ransom demands and crank calls.

The company illustrate the excess of the innovations from the validation stage based on heartbeat authentication. This method is used as a wearable wristband, exams person exclusive electrocardiograph, false identification very difficult.


Biometric technology is currently the safest procedure is, as far as online security goes. An innovative method has the following large scale and with the way things are going, this system seems correct accuracy. But, the hackers also show innovation in their field and a recent example, a group of hackers called Chaos Computer Club, which replicated the fingerprints of German defense Minister. Therefore, as a security in the company of such offenses to face in the future.


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