Top 5 Cutting-Edge Telematics Trends to Watch For


Deliver the latest telematics trends in the market are still available, in-car connectivity and up to 2016 2G network connection thing of the past. So, it goes without saying that this is a huge market likely to remain unclaimed as the telematics ecosystem is affected.

In the recent past we have seen that the connected cars have taken on new momentum, and every carmaker is preparing to facilitate the connection of powerful network technologies even faster than networks such as 3G and 4G appear. Technologies that support real-time driver instructions safety fleet programmes, including fuel and performance tools is now available worldwide for car user to read – it all points at the same price as in the previous years tech.

According to Ernst & Young, by 2025 the market will be insightful statistics it is not expected that 88% of new cars. It’s a paradigm shift, if in-car connectivity embedded telematics worried. Only In the United States by 2025, 16 million new cars will be fitted with embedded telematics. Quickly take a look at the hottest trends in the exciting world of telematics, today.

Top trend 1: comparison to safer, more Effective Intuitive mechanization

To expand opportunities in the rapidly changing world of telematics, began the Supreme exciting innovations such as GPS tracking or map navigation system on their own, for communication between the dispatcher and the driver using online platforms to encourage real-time communication on the road.

Though the GPS tracking system has taken about 10-12 years ago and quickly became the main telematic services, it will still be regarded as one of the best technologies, which has a direct connection with your car and transmits the information, for example the provision of cards, heavy rain, weather reports, sensitivity, wheel, road prevention, speed reduction, etc.. with day, hour-by-hour meters of accuracy.

Top trending 2: Autonomous cars will become a reality

Back in 2013, the first of the so-called ‘Autonomous’ car was traveling danger in Japan. ‘Autonomous driving’ or without a driver a car attracts the most buzz. While this voice-guided vehicles already in service, if only in a test version and not yet made the commercial, but there is no stopping the fact that such cars will be sooner than we think. Maybe in 2020 you can see the car with all its current voice and touch control, zooming past them on the street.

Top trend 3: More smartphone and tablet integration

Smartphones, iPads and tablets have become the business of tacking these days. They are not new, but to use the individual tools for users. Therefore, it is not surprising that these intelligent ubiquitous new age gadgets will have a simple platform for the introduction of telematics into it. Smartphones or tablets for that matter, to create a seamless it operations, which can work hand in hand with the latest advanced telematics solutions – if you are going to meet in your car, home or office, or even during the holidays he can give you exact specifications and supply every need.

Mobile app on your smartphone to facilitate the connection, this allows the driver to control your car remotely; you can check your car performance and safety way to communicate with you in real time and always on the go. The growing demands of the consumers tech-savvy people are convinced that the growing telematics market. Overtime, vehicle-to-infrastructure solutions(V2I) – this function will also allow inter-connection between two adjacent cars, which will bring increasing demand for machine-to-machine (M2M) connections as well.

Top Trending 4: In-Vehicle-Infotainment!

There is a noticeable excitement for infotainment the automotive industry and the car user. And the world of telematics is not exempt from this euphoria, and why should he, especially if it is an ongoing love affair with social media networks.

According to the latest report published by Allied Market Research, by 2022 in the media players market will witness double-digit growth in one of the expected average annual growth rate-the growth rate down 13.3% to $33.8 billion in revenue.

With the unmistakable presence of large or variants of high-performance interfaces, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, touch screen, audio or audio -, video -, GPS-aided navigation systems, interactive voice recognition services, live streaming media service, phone pairing functions, in particular we are talking about how to win that the entertainment factor in information-the lion’s share of industry from the point of view of faithful followers and make it quite easier, new markets and customers. To be sure, this is only the beginning of things to come.

Top trend 5: impact of the Internet of things

A variety of Internet of things (IoT) a deep influence telematics ecosystem. With the combined power of everyday objects network through the Internet, “future car”, “portable”, connected and smoothly accelerates.

Moreover, in the Grand scheme of things IoT, the car will be smarter than now, as it will begin use-key IoT-enabling technologies, direct address of the virtual world from the real-time information, entertainment and social networks-with aplomb.

In IoT environment, it may be the car just literally big-data-in-motion-the problem is well known of this a sign of the so called IoT revolution, in which M2M solutions (machine-to-machine) is one of the parents and telematics is one grandmother and IoT child. We must recognize that this is the third generation of the family with similar DNA. All three generations are here to affect our lives.


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