The Top IT Sector Trends of 2015


It industry is now rapidly evolvier the end of the creature, a great digital revolution. With the massive advances in science and technology, it sector was subject to change like the wind. What was innovative yesterday becomes obsolete could next week. With that constant struggle for innovation a continuous process within the it industry. Here are the top trends of 2015.

1. “Outside-In” hot

New business technologies to develop outside the box of a traditional company. These forces characterize the trends and large mild the improvements or all left behind. Highly correlated markets showed how quickly and how massively these changes occur. Reinvents now we have to use these “outside-in” – force. Use the new external technologies, cloud computing and bring your own device (BYOB). This trend seems to be that this will continue for some time.

2. Co-creation and industrial ecosystems

Partners, customers and suppliers to create industrial ecosystems in-depth analysis, market sensing, planning and co-creation of products and services now. This is in order to meet market demands quickly. Network working partners cooperate in a broad ecosystem that is easy for the problems need or problem, as a promotion, Uber and Airbnb. None of the participants in the monopolization of the industry.

3. Big Data Analytics is now the center of attention

The rise of a new generation of leaders who properly stimulated in the field of economy and technology, the discussion of big data analytics in the boardroom. Progress in big data Analytics that enable the data almost in real time easy savvy managers considered technology, understanding customer demand, products and partners. This allows well-informed managers to best implement the changes and actions.

4. SMAC IS compared with the traditional

“3rd Platform”, powered by the SMAC (social, mobile, Analytics and cloud) has an extension (“skills gap” compared with traditional it skills. Meanwhile, consumers are demanding a modern and flexible front-office applications, cloud and mobile. While traditional it skills for back office systems, constitute the core of the company. 2015 will be a system of balance between the requirements of front-office growth and modernization of the back office.

5. Mr. Chief Digital Officer

The rise of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) in many technology companies, reflects the need for enterprises, digital leadership that understand both tech and business. This is a relatively new place, but he’s making progress in leadership positions and on the Board of Directors. Quick tech innovations made today, you can respond is vitally important for a leader, creating and managing change and digital interference.

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