The 2015 IT Trends That You Really Need to Know!


To meet the requirements of the equipment, is not an easy task. This is 2015, and there are the expected number of predictions of where technology will be this year. So do not worry the trends that you need, and it is only predictions that can never happen? After all these little money and need to get a dollar to spend, where are the biggest advantage for your business.

We looked at three made important announcements that are given at the end of last year, and the results for them. They Accenture and Gartner (links at the bottom of the article). If we consider all the three statements found out there is a great commonality: digitization, Personal experience, Internet of things, platform, enterprise, Big Data, and workforce to Modify to work with the new IT environment.

Get ready for a Completely Digitized world
Key word for 2015 is, of course, SMAC – social, mobile, analytical and cloud. Four areas that need your full concentration as we head through 2015 and planning for next year.

A quick look around the shopping centers, cafes and restaurants to show you thousands of people glued to the screen. The people themselves are new technologies affecting her hand, as smart watches and fitness tape. Google glasses were initially, but they will again be in a specific format. People communicate, post, e-mail and can be purchased in small, mobile screens. One envious look at the great four: Google, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter quickly reveals that mobile computing, shopping and social networks are widely and profitably. Ah, those wonderful “P” words!

The rise of mobile computing means that people want your stuff at your fingertips. Unfortunately, this material, so if this were a movie, picture or song, that large files. Fortunately, cloud computing is always very difficult to make these large files and distribute them where people need their data.

Gartner believes that the combination of mobile and cloud computing leads to smart applications memory effectively reducing the bandwidth requirements and allows simultaneous use on multiple devices. They believe that computing will need to move from static models to take advantage of the rich API offered by cloud computing.

The result is much more activity that generates a lot more data. The so-called Big Data, in this mass, and this large mass of data is that many CIOs are fighting for the head in hopes of a marketing advantage over their rivals.

Internet from Me
Accenture has formed the phrase “to explain the ” Internet of Me” that now everyone is looking for your personal experience. Social media and shopping is changing and people today require personal interaction they used to enjoy, down at the Mall or coffee shop with friends. Companies that personalize themselves individually, one person, interacting with them will be to attract, retain customers and dollars.

Gartner said that the growth of wearable technology, as well as the saturation of mobile technology. Pretty soon computing will be everywhere. She suggested that instead of focusing on technology, businesses must focus on user experience. In this they agree with Accenture – how does the customer interact with the company much more important that the device you are using. Gartner indicates that in addition to this new personal experience, it will be necessary to remove, context aware security.

They climb onto the platform or Even Better, to Build a platform
Accenture’s platform strategy as a future profession. It may all started with Amazon, Amazon Marketplace, Apple iTunes and Etsy, with its market square. Now other well-known blue-chip companies to follow.

The promotion of social, mobile and cloud technologies creates a business strategy and the fourth part of SMAC, Analytics, search markets, testing products and rewarding customers. The cloud helps ease the production of content and its accessibility to potential clients around the world. Social media unites these people-and mobile technology makes it a viable, attractive and quickly establish a market and conduct sales.

Gartner calls it Web-Scale and believes that more and more companies start thinking and operating like Amazon, Google and Facebook. They believe that it begins starts from the moment of nuclear fusion development and operations (DevOps called) moving in large scale web operations.

All Together Now
The Internet of things (IoT): large groups of objects that are connected via the Internet using the unique identifier to communicate with each other without human intervention to grow. Gartner believe that is the core of sales and operational processes and enterprises have their attention on these technologies and the Internet of things is the driving force of the digital economy.

Growing Digital Ecosystem
Gartner believes that the digital economy from digital company, blend the physical world with our digital world and, finally, to change the way companies work and interact with their customers, suppliers and developers.

In 2014 Accenture and wanted technology as a driving force for growth. In 2015, their companies insistence to digitize, placing them in their customers, their suppliers, data sources, and Alliance-partner Digital. For the brave there is also the possibility, including things that in this digital ecosystem. They believe that the future makes of the broker industry will be concentrated in the center of the digital ecosystem in the same way that Google does it for Internet marketing and online store Amazon announced – online shopping. Your belief that these new authorities, who will grow exponentially, being able to create markets, to have what difference, to locate and to expand in existing markets.

Stop Drowning in data
The Internet of things and the rapid assimilation of mobile technologies, social media and cloud computing means that it is fed an incredible amount of information back to the organization. Any interaction, do research, society, entertainment, or purchase leaves a digital trace. Smart marketers have always known, to determine that these data provide information that can be used, the markets and buy signals. Unfortunately, these data were minted well as Big Data and business drowning in data and information. Fortunately, other companies will arise that are dug with the help of analytical tools and software intelligence systems, Big-Data and drag the necessary information.

Accenture believe that the domestication of these data with the right analytical methods that make the company innovative solutions of the company. Gartner States that Big Data is it will be important that these questions and answers should be made that the focus of CIOs and corporate strategists.

Intelligent machines respond to people
Gartner believes that once the company to build big Data Analytics and the personal touch that this way, way too intelligent machines, which will interact with people, learn what is needed and respond appropriately. Some might it would be like a nightmare, another logical step forward. To see them, the enterprise, the road will collapse as the floor, like Google, Amazon and Facebook.

Take a hard look at your Current it employees
Accenture believe that very soon the whole CIOs will be digitized and that people and intelligent technologies have to work together and find a way to work side by side.

2.800 Gartner surveyed CIOs (Chief Information Officer) from 84 countries, which showed that the majority knew what needed to change in order to be successful in this brave new world, 75%, citing the need for their behavior of its leadership. This is a significant increase in the role of the DIO (Digital Information Officer) and many other CIO reports directly to the Director General (Chief Operating Officer) shows the growing importance of it within the company.

Gartner doing, there are two possible problems: missing portfolio-management skills and ineffective risk management. The ability to manage projects and activities through various platforms and processes are developed all the more important in the digital world. Changes always bring risks and correct management and to reduce this risk will be key to profitability and growth.

Other trend forecasters, – quotes the need for Internet marketing to combine with digital marketing functions, which leads to improved customer experience and win more profitable potential markets.

Other Interesting Trends
Gartner believes that the promotion of cheaper 3D-change pressure leads to major changes in some areas, such as medicine and some branches, the way they produce their goods.


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