Revolution in Retail Banking


The most important feature of the Retail Banking services-the services to the consumers. It is the most convenient Bank was not the system, just from the ATM Debit cards with credit cards in Online Banking, and telephone banking.

The last decade, the advent of the Retail-Banking-services found in the global Front. He constantly changes, and the ongoing global financial crisis has an impact on the policy adjacent to the banking industry. The main Instrument for change is the emergence of mobile technologies. This means the greatest opportunity for Retail business, with the beginning of the credit card in the past. New relationships will be signed between the Bank and its customers.

Retail Banking and its prediction

In the past, the banks act as intermediaries of the transaction, where the people retain, return and take the money. The European banks led to substantial investment in fixing its subsidiaries, financial supermarkets. The transition to Mobile Banking is a broad market, analysts reported. According to a current magazine, the volume of transactions worldwide Mobile payments is expected to last longer than a market value of 600 billion US dollars with more than 400 million users by the year 2016. These forecasts re-orientation in the Retail Banking and the potential for new players mean to the demands of the mobile consumers.

Transformation Of Key Areas

Three key areas in the field of Retail Banking, ie the payments, the products and the customer service is being transformed with mobile devices. Payments can be retrofitted and improved on Mobile devices. Many banks in different parts of the world is moving quickly to Roll out m-payments. Mobile payments are becoming stressed more and more recognized way of life, and many other services for Mobile payments is constantly in the media. The adoption of mobile payments as a simple utility payments or Bank transfer. With the change, the Smartphone successfully, the payment of municipal services is enabled in other applications. This allows the banks to provide real value to the Online Shopping experience, for example, show the Balance in real time on the screen of the smartphone.

The emergence of new technologies

With the advent of each new technology, new threats and challenges alike. Some people believe that mobile phones are protected much less than the average of the banks. However, this would be the wrong approach forced to develop an entirely new System of security, especially for Mobile applications. The banks their systems for the protection and reconstruction of the unified system for all means of communication with the customer to evaluate. The main indicators of fraud can be easily слукавить by data on the location of the customer, with the least amount of problems. The Smartphone can restore to initiate the danger of the ageing of the system of personal and Pin data, which is the basis of the control of the banks in the last long decade.

Digital technology is one of the most important topics in the Retail Bank in the world. He is going to revolutionize the way in which banks attract and retain their customers. Changes undoubtedly are Global, and travel-to-Digital appeared as the most important issue in the Trends of the retail sector in this year a Bank. Ever-growing development of Mobile Banking is certainly again normal channels with a branch. Without a doubt, many customers still Face-to-Face communication in the banking sector, especially when it comes to the organization for more complex banking products.


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