Popular Trends In iPhone Applications In 2015


At the end of 2014, many people with more than a million apps were. Applications have a presence in a number of industries. They attract major investment generates profitable acquisitions, as well as several million dollars in sales. But you’ve also sparked some discussions around privacy, and it seems like your bubble to pop will probably also like the dot com bubble. Here are a few popular trends in iPhone application in 2015.

One apps comes crashing down

Apple paid recently the figures for 2014 more than $ 8 billion to developers during the year. But with a million apps, this comes out to about $8,000 per application. There are many good apps, but there are a few apps that do not work well. I’d like to come up with a disaster. For example, some startups are unable, despite the developers made a lot of money invested to catch it, and you are still struggling to get the money from buyers of applications. Freemium games, health, cracking tools, etc. to collect in 2016.

Privacy is a priority

Current hacking Snapchat and other similar applications has led to debate about privacy, and does the company have some steps to apologize for this incident. It also led to the fact that people are always worried about the security of the application usage and so you have application developers, who decided that the priority of private life. People were asked what the company say their plans in case of hack attacks happening at the application.

The messaging apps on the rise

The rapid growth of messaging apps such as KakaoTalk, WhatsApp, BBM, Viber, homes, Tencent, etc is a lot of speculation on the need for privacy of the youth. Young people don’t seem to leave Facebook. It’s just that you communicate to create their own identity for themselves, with their families and chat with friends.


2015 good year, it seems, for the training of students through the use of applications. There are already many initiatives on the introduction of smart phones in classrooms in the way. So, what do you think inside the school phones these days? This raises interesting questions about what the use by education authorities, teachers, etc. could be in students phones. It is not only for students who create with applications, but it is also about some of them.


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