Opportunity Areas of Technology Start-Ups in 2015


There is increasing absorption of start-ups in various industries. Many companies in dealing with start-up technology provider to reduce costs and improve operating efficiency. Opportunities for tech startups to revolutionize the future in different industries.

Security Architecture (1)

Exciting investment category is security. The increased level of cyber threats due to proven technology achievements in the field of labour (via a smartphone) and the Internet of things, cyber threats are on the rise.

Connect new heights touched on different platforms and devices. Hence the possibility of amplification of hacking potential criminals leads. This has opened doors for more investment in safety (in terms of mobile, desktop and data centers for businesses and consumers to different devices and connections.

As additional tech start-UPS this trend, to understand, you may be prompted investment in tools and software architecture to provide multilevel protection.

Big Data Analytics (2)

It has already received a significant upward movement in big-data-development, introduction and expansion. With newfound vertical big data tools on spectrum of industries, big data the next big thing. For the production of a vast computer data inputs for mobile and desktop data files in common. These data relate to consumer behavior on a daily basis and tool in technical analysis. This is an opportunity for the development of tech startups, the ability to collect and analyze, to load the data, to produce effective solutions for business and consumers.

Data Recovery

Restore lost, corrupted or stolen data is another way region, where tech startups can thrive. There is an increased demand for assistance in connection with the investigation of phishing and financial fraud cases. For this criminal investigation or recovery of sensitive data from compromised devices and networks. (3)

Virtual Reality

The technology is ready for the further development of virtual reality. Moore’s law combined with improvements in equipment (powered by mobile technology boom) makes virtual reality a reality. Big names like Microsoft, Apple and Facebook are already foraying in this and opportunities. (4)

Software design and business applications

Startups should focus on developing beautiful and functional user interfaces to improve smartphone behavior. The growing use of smartphones for work and cooperation among their employees has increased, work culture who are going personal use of the device for work and telework. It makes decisions paved the way for the growth of SaaS organizations, a cloud-based business applications and networks.

It enables collaboration between multiple teams on different time zones and on multiple devices. This provides improved opportunities in enterprise software solutions. (5)

Mobile App

The mobile app industry is growing exponentially. There are new investment opportunities for tech start-ups to promote. The App Market is diverse; it varies from games, education, social networks and performance. Global spending on applications was predicted to touch $35 billion in 2015, according to Statista. With that being said, it will be an increased demand to focus on the administration of the existing IT-security and architecture, leading, effective solutions for mobile device management. The potential is huge as the whole range of the effectiveness of elements of the covering is a business function, consumer preferences, options, compatibility and productivity be controlled via mobile apps. (6)

Demo changed the structure of the graphical user

The company recently changes in audience demographics experiencing. Tilt toward the younger ages. This group of districts has a very different interest and habits compared to older users. To finish with more companies catering one of the young buyers, with contrasting patterns of purchase behaviour in comparison with adults, start-ups have the upper hand in solutions with flexible, unique user experience. (7)

This requires better products, in terms of design and performance, more engagement and re-engagement strategy.

Some examples would be; mobile Health (mHealth), where mobile and network support, medical care, wearable technologies such as Smart watches, fitness tracker, etc., which is designed to monitor everyday activities, mobile payment and Finance-handling-options. (8)

Automation Devices Include

There is a renewed interest in robotics and digital devices, able to automate regular business processes. Driverless cars will be in demand in such industries as food, pharmaceutical, storage and car (to automate the movement of inventory. (9)

The result: this new option is in the zone, to cause increased levels of innovation and improved versions of products and services such as competition among tech start-ups to deepen.


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