Online College Degree Programs – Five Top Careers


Accounting, nursing, education, information systems and Services in five career according to the Bureau of labor and statistics Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in the five fastest-growing and better-paid career are available through the Online graduate program of the University.

Flexible program, Online learning can be the only way to the career of employees working in either the Position entry level in this career, or for those who work in one of these professions, a foray. And those in the TOP 25% of the income draw in the series.

The graduates bakalavriata accounting courses start in the 43,000 US dollars. and those with a Master’s degree start of $46,000. Job openings for accountants is expected to be 18-to 26% in 2014. Chartered public Accountants (CPA) are at the forefront of demand and wages, which makes more than $46,000 with experience.

Health care is the fastest growing industry in the United States. The rate of growth is expected to be at the level of 22% until the year 2016. Nurses are the largest part of the form. With the current nursing shortage, new graduate nurses without problems to find a good paid items. Entry-Level positions require an Associate degree as a registered nurse (RN). Start pay is $47,000.

Those who expected a Bachelor’s degree in nursing degree in order to earn more, and advanced practice nurses, midwives, specialists, clinical nurses, and paramedics can make up, on average, 70 000 people. And the nurse-anesthesiologist 6 figures can make””. НЛН accredited College programs are available Online.

The second one is the fastest growing industry in the United States-is the formation. Thirteen million people are employed in the field of education, and the profession is expected to increase by 17% in 2014. Wages began to rise in the profession of the teacher. Average earnings for teachers of primary schools and secondary schools $46,000 and higher teachers, on average, $51,000.

Degree in computer science, Web Design, or it systems can claim someone for a position in another of the fastest-growing segments of career. The need for computer-employees and managers-information system is expected to continue to grow. Analysts computer systems $66,000. Staff in the development can earn a six-figure income.

Virtually no ceiling salaries for specialists with an MBA in the corporate world. With a University degree Business and hard work, well-paid post. The growth in the Business Segment, is expected to increase by 17% by the year 2014. The degree of Master of Business (MBA), in addition to someone gets to one of the highest most competitive and best paid professions in the United States, or even beyond that.

Website of the school can provide the program with all the information that is necessary to the career, and a program, the ideal for students. Online degree provide the necessary flexibility can be for someone that is already working and whose goal is a new career, or for the promotion of his or her current Position.

Classes and course 23/7. Orders can be completed in about the ongoing obligations, such as work, family, or social events. Access to teachers and classmates is available by E-Mail, Streaming threads, or even VoIP. Technical support, financial resources, information and support.

Accredited programs are available in all the areas mentioned above. Completion of the degree in nursing, accounting, Business, Information Systems, or education is the first step on the path to a career in the fast-growing and well-paid career. The Online program can do this.


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