Is the OnePus 2 a Flagship Killer?


New manufacturer of the Smartphone App has been in several roles for the last year They started with an aggressive price policy oneplus one for a large number of successful sales. One of them was not available sold in stores or on any Online stores, such as Amazon. The only way you can get your hands on the phone at the time of registration, an invitation for the purchase of the phone While some of the complicated process and long waiting times off many potential buyers, the phone was still a great success. So, oneplus did his best to keep pace with demand and constantly out of the stock brought in, what was the reason for the long wait.

With the new Smartphone oneplus 2, the company, the same tried-and-tested working methods. Potential buyers still need to check in and wait for an invitation to the Chance of a divorce to get the money and in the own hands 2. Then why 2 was such a big Hit, by the numbers, the incredible sale, but also the growing demand for accessories such as oneplus 2 cases? The answer is simple. In 2 only is a great phone for the price, is an excellent phone period. Fast, latest Generation, Quad-Core Snapdragon processor, incredible 4 GB of RAM, fingerprint sensor and one of the best at the Moment, the Smartphone cameras on the market, only some of the impressive specifications 2. the Only real Hardware-grouse that of 2, the abrasive the back, which improves traction, but may not be to the liking of some of the Smartphone oneplus 2 users and the lack of NFC technology. The first Problem is easily solved with a huge selection of Smartphone oneplus 2 enclosures. The second is only a Problem in countries, where Google has already become ubiquitous and for the user, the wireless payment systems.

There are a few features of the Software, which will make some applications to make it dull and gray instead of a bright color palette Android Lollipop. Please, he says, these errors are aware of, and prepared an Update that fixes all of these minor shortcomings, as well as improving the speed and responsiveness of the camera.

So, during the early oneplus will be corrected by a couple of questions, on which you read these lines, the majority of them must, with the help of the Software Updates. What has not changed is the incredible price-to-performance ratio is 2. Oneplus claims that 2-2015 is only a flagship Killer, but “in 2016 flagship Killer”. Although it may be the usual Marketing Bombast a step too far, it’s not hard to argue that the oneplus 2 is one of the most attractive flagship Smartphones available in the market today, and a, the downward pressure on prices, which may require the manufacturer to you top of the line phones. You take care of the phone itself or not, the effect in the oneplus 2 on the market, in General, can benefit the consumer only.


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