A New Kind of Ransomware Is Hurting Small Business


Criminals took stolen valuable resources and people to ransom for thousands of years. The company has been expanded more and more complex technologies and therefore criminal. It is not surprising that the Internet supersized brought new opportunities for the bad guys. One of the last opportunities of crypto-ransomware.

Crypto-ransomware has become much more common in 2014, but this is not the type of ransomware that you hear can be used for. Just a few years ago, ransomware, based on the deception of computer users is infected with the fake alerts, as a computer, to pay this fee, to clean up, “viruses”, which really do not speak your computer or frighten the user’s computer, it must not have made to avoid fines from the police for a crime he.

A new form of cyber crime could stop is paid by the company immediately through the use of malicious freeze all files and documents until redemption. A recent report by Symantec says it’s one of the fastest growing threats to small and medium businesses on the Internet.

Criminals are using malware to encrypt data on your hard drive, and then hold the victim files, photos and other information about the computer as a hostage. They require payment to get the key to unlock the files. The costs can be steep. It’s usually $300 to $500 in bitcoin enough in the American currency, to seriously damage a small or medium business. Even after the ransom is paid, there is no guarantee that the files will be decrypted.

Symantec attacks have increased in 2015-Internet Security Threat Report called ransomware-from 113% in 2014, created more than 4,000 percent increase in crypto-ransomware attacks. Ranosmware attacks more than double in 2014 to 4.1 million in 2013 to 8.8 million. Crypto-ransomware is expanding 8,274 in 2013 373,342 in 2014. It is 45 times more crypto-ransomware threats in rural areas during the summer period.

Small and medium enterprises should be affected

The Symantec report 2014 has been far-reaching is weak, faster attacks, files destined for the ransom money, and much more malicious codes than in previous years. Almost a million new viruses every day will be discovered. They say that 60% of all targeted attacks hit small and medium-sized businesses. Only alarming, the current Palo Alto Network research showed that 52% of malicious programs in 2013 focused on the difficult bypass security protection from attack.

Not surprisingly, small and medium enterprises oriented. They often have less resources to invest in security, and many are still not adopting best practices to protect your valuable data. It provides not only company but also its business partners and higher risk customers. Every organization, large or small, is vulnerable.

Steps to prevent crypto-ransomware attack

The offender must find a way to provoke in a computer network attack. It sounds pretty simple, keep the bad guy and, in General, you don’t have to deal with this kind of attacks. All of your climate protection efforts should focus, and keep away from thieves. Here are the steps you can take to prevent this type of attack through standard antivirus and firewall:

Staff training – Every company must have a culture of sustainable safety information. Unfortunately, employees are the weak link in the security chain. All staff should be trained in the foundations to protect the business from cyber-attacks.

Password protection to Realize the protection of a password policy change passwords every 30 to 90 days and mandates of the employees do not use it outside of work. Employees, and you can use your login and password information outside of work. Even crime gets Eller, this information he can use it to get access.

Monitoring Dark Web of stolen credentials is a step which is lacking in most companies. Stolen credentials such as E-Mail, login and password thieves often appear at retail locations with the stolen information, the attack happens in the weeks, months and even years before. You can find this information on the Dark Web and fix the problem if it appears, can prevent prevent the attack.

Intrusion-detection and protection-software – have A heuristic character, it is possible to anticipate and to quarantine suspected viruses and malware that may be missed from traditional anti-virus protection.

Backup files per day – this will allow you to overcome one company, crypto-ransomware attacks quickly. Professional technical network to get rid of the malware, and then install the backup files can be cleaned. Hopes that criminals will not be regularly to keep backup files, and you have no choice but to pay the ransom.
We live in a rapidly changing world. It is important for companies

Preventive measures are much cheaper than working with crypto-ransomware, these injuries or other types of cybercrime. Criminals are constantly searching for new and inventive ways to steal your money, employee and customer information, trade secrets and/or just to the store down. They are not to be a victim. Implementation of the recommended actions today.


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