A Look at Seven Amazing Technologies That Reformed History


Technology has changed and expanded dramatically over the past five years. He reigned in any niche, be it business, education, real estate or other. Smart device, no bigger than a palm, are Autonomous devices to take pictures, surf the Internet, send emails and performing typical phone-work is a snap. You may feel as though technology has finally reached its borders, but actually to present leaps and bounds beyond.

When we go back about 20 years or so, the personal computer began to buy land in small size and pocket of almost every family. But this is only the beginning, and the technology already then showed no signs of slowing down, or reject, like any device available today for the calculation of some means.

If you compare the original size of computers to the present, it is difficult to understand how and why this happens, but you get less; – more powerful and higher performance than ever. For a complete list of technical revolutions in the history of the debate can be endless, only a few are worth mentioning, so let us take a closer.

1. Communication

Internet click you can connect with friends, family, and colleagues anywhere in the world using a simple. We are open to a broad stream of communication media such as texts, A/V chat, email and social media. Each of them offers a unique and interactive experience than when the person sitting on your right. You no longer need to go to the post office to wait your turn, project to the letter, yet it lasts for a week most likely for feedback. Long distance calls from a landline are meaningless, since the development of fine alternatives like Skype, Viber, Tango, WhatsApp and various other free-call-option.

2. Spiritual Car

Emergency calls and the standard GPS monitoring provide peace of mind for driver and passengers. No need to carry a map, even when you are in motion, at rest, at night, or explore the abandoned places on Google maps-is your personal and practical guide! All you have to do is to install Wi-Fi devices in your vehicle, sync them with your smartphone and drive safely. Meanwhile, the concept of unmanned vehicles is may still in its experimental phase, but several companies already have built-in technology, where car travel to a new level.

However, as computers and other devices that are automated cars is also a target for cyber-criminals, which was. even more vile over time, Imagine the beach, as a hacker breach in the system – and sends the car to the side of the goddamn area! She should not be afraid of what his near future is unlikely, as manufacturers have set fail-safe system.

3. Fiber Optic

This technology was founded in 1840 by Colladon and Babinet. To break the fiber-optic tubes, it is known that light in a glass tube and lose less light over the tube length. Alexander Graham Bell; in 1880-ies the technology of the relay of voice signals through optical beam is presented. If penetrated, these fiber optic cables are impervious to static distortion, making them excellent network of resources. It’s a gain remote it infrastructure and a great addition to the Internet technologies.

4. Solar panels

Solar cells able to transform into, light into electrical energy that we know as the photovoltaic effect; proved initially Becquerel in 1839. An overview of the results shows that the efficiency has increased more than 45 percent and the typical 5×5 foot solar cell, if screwed in your home you can, of course, needs to fulfill all energy.

5. Graphene

Fashioned in the University of Manchester, UK; the graphics are definitely a game changer in the high-tech industry. This graphite sheet is easy; one atom thick with amazing thermal and electrical conductivity. It is also provided that the technique will be the case for their implementation in mobile devices, they are much more powerful and flexible!

6. 3D printing

We are in an age where 4K and quantum-dot technologies is gradually increasing, but this does not mean to neglect 3D. Create a 3D object in a digital format is often used in the automotive and avionics industry surprise of 1980-ies. During that same technology integrated into the printers, which allow them almost everything, from simple kettles to modern weapons!

7. Nano-Tech

Nanotechnology includes the maneuvers of matter at molecular, atomic and sub-molecular level. Generally, the term “Nano” means very little considering that nano-robots to scroll down to Nm size. This technology is widely used to detect cancer in living body, and launch nano-surgery. A further increase is accepted that these tiny robots to enter human blood for cancer treatment in the last stage.

It is 100% Reliable?

Undoubtedly, technological progress has changed our lives completely, but it’s not always in a good way. Too many it professionals are busy 24/7 on strengthening the Internet while hackers and programming expert-interface with new concepts breakthrough to private life. The end user, on the contrary, caught up in endless clash, and track these hackers Ford will be more difficult. It makes the World Wide Web is not 100 percent reliable, but remains on the verge of optimistic modify.


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