5 IT Security Challenges That May Lead to Security Flaws During 2015


Have you ever seen your friend, relative or family member bearings financial loss as a result of a poor security policy? They fear the growth of cyber crime and want you to never have to experience? If Yes, then read the article to know about the joint cybercrime threats that the it industry faces in 2015.

Many of them, perhaps, given the negative consequences of poor IT security management, but they compromise the situation with faith, you will. in your life market Research companies and IT-experts say that 2015 cybercrime in the context of the Internet of things (IoT), the details of social security, financial information and more. Experts IOT-attacks on the company and constantly growing computer hacking cases to shake a virtual user with a large number of new frauds, attacks and malicious programs. Websense Security Labs predicts that the malware authors to strictly work to some smart viruses that escape from the AV detection tests and give rise to cyberbullying activities. DDoS Attack Report Q2 2014 for the company’s Prolexic Quarterly Global focus on improving DDoS protection and improvement of the multi-layered web security, which means that 2015 will experience a devastating cyber-attacks. Some large companies information technology cannot be a guarantee that your AV-limit foods contribute to some of the advanced features such as cyber-crime, financial losses.

5 common IT security problems that you May Face in 2015

1. Health

Tech experts that the health sector will pay the increase in data theft as hackers attention to your personal information, to begin the great deceiver. Physical information, health care details and medical history, the malware will help you to manage the web attacks and give rise to various types of fraud. Hospital-the computer has a database with millions of patient data in digital form, so that the care and protection of personal data of patients is a major concern for healthcare it professionals.

2. Mobile Threats

As the market for mobile devices when you log on at fast speed, control of your security and privacy a serious issue for safety experts. Malware authors design malicious codes, the purpose of which is credentials, not a collection of data stored on the device. Auto-login feature for mobile apps makes portable platform is very dangerous, because the mobile device is stolen is now cause for further authentication credentials or attacks and cyber-bullying practices.

3. Attacks are blocked to the Internet of things (IoT)

The Internet of things (IoT) is the future of computers, and the platform is allowed, things, people, machinery, animals and other things interact with each other through a local network. Communication between devices can improve the speed, efficiency and performance, about anything, but closely related networks to invite several major vulnerabilities that affect everything that is connected to the local network. The Internet of things is expected to focus on companies rather than on consumer goods, and the growth of cyber crime have an impact on new Internet-connected devices in the business environment. Most of the products and applications may occur, the business attacks as attackers are likely to try to establish control over all simply connected equipment.

4. Information About Credit Card Offers

Cybercrime and financial information have a strong connection malware authors create malicious code to pick up only your financial information and use them for fraudulent purposes. Some experts claim that credit cards-thieves will soon be turned into a data traders, financial institutions. already chip and PIN technology trim down financial crime adopted She added that cyber-criminals will rejoice now, in order to collect a wider range of data about victims, consisting of multiple credit cards, location data, personal information and interests.

5. New Security Threats Will Arise In The Near Future

Every year comes with new inventions, discoveries and technologies impact the quality of services for users and the environment. Some technologies, such as fingerprints, UltraHD, wearable and other improve the quality of the user experience in a positive way, while some source codes, such as OpenSSL, Heartbleed and Shellshock users concerned. Software development, rapidly evolving, and cybercrime. Malware authors, software developers and hackers of the restoration may come with new features and Integra to work on the underlying code and vulnerabilities to steal your personal information.


Certainly, cybercriminals will continue to take evasive break methods and techniques through a security system and to enter into your device to steal valuable information. But, it is very important to stop them now as the future of experiencing things to be interrelated and to influence, one of them may cause a violation of the whole environment. Some technical experts argue that malware authors continue to innovate malicious codes, which can effectively escape from AV-test, after analysis of recent trends of cybercrime and tactics. According to the results obtained from the joint AV-test experts predict that in 2015 will see a huge increase in Internet crime, but with greater frequency and sophistication. If you think your devices have the best AV protection, simply research online and find an effective computer online support company for your PC security.


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